3 Things you MUST Know to Transform Your Triggers

If I told you I’d give you $1 for every time you were triggered and overreacted towards your partner or child, how much money would I owe you?

If you’re like many of my clients, you’d probably have enough to beat Jeff Bazos to the moon 😀

I get it!

You promised yourself that you’d be a different kinda parent than the ones that raised you and then you find yourself using those same words or talking with the same tone.

You started your marriage with hopes higher than the sun at noon but now all you seem to see is grey, as Stable Misery clouds your judgements and impacts your reactions.

The more you repeat the same unhelpful patterns with those you love,

  • Those patterns can feel insurmountable.
  • You begin to think that you can’t change.
  • You fall into the belief that your reactions and most sacred relationships will always look and feel the same.

But here’s the thing.

After working with countless clients for over 20 years, I’ve come to realize that most of the difficulties we face in our relationships begin with a faulty mindset – or a false set of beliefs regarding how we’re viewing the issue, ourselves, and others.

So what if I told you that you can take all that money I owe you and reinvest it in a new belief system that will help you…

  • Stop repeating those old unhelpful patterns.
  • Realize that you change is possible (yes, even for you).
  • Trust that no matter how deep in the Stable Misery pit your parenting or partnership has descended, you can rise up and live a life with more joy.

Would you take me up on it?

In this video, we’re going to begin the process of redefining your belief systems about yourself and your triggers or your tendency to overreact (or shut down) towards your kiddos or your partner.

In this video you’ll learn:

  1. My shortcut definition for triggers and how it can help you to quickly identify when you’re in danger of reacting vs responding.
  2. 3 mindset shifts you must make in order to truly shift your unhelpful relationship patterns.
  3. How you can start a practice today, that will help you to truly begin transforming your triggers once and for all.

Prefer to read instead of watch? Click here to view the transcript.


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