The Cycle that Almost Ruined My Marriage

If you spoke to your friends the way you speak to yourself, how many friends would you have left in a week?

If this question makes you cringe, don’t worry, you’re far from alone. 

The problem is that the words we speak to ourselves don’t just impact us, they impact our most sacred relationships. Calling ourselves names like “stupid,” “bad” or “awful” has a ripple effect on what we model as parents, or how we show up as partners. 

It took years for me to learn this lesson. I spent much of the early parts of my marriage trying to become the wife I wanted to be by making myself feel bad about the wife I was. This tendency led to a spiral that almost ruined my marriage and disconnected me from myself. 

If you can relate to this, you’ll wanna watch this video (or read the transcript 🙂 ). Because in it, you’ll learn:

– The self-perpetuating cycle that almost ruined my marriage and the #1 practice I had to start doing to make it stop. 

– The most important thing you’ve gotta do to get to the root of your parenting or partnership relationship issues.

– The counterintuitive strategy you can use to transform your relationship with yourself and those you love.


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