How to Know If You’re Betraying Yourself (and what to do instead)


Answer this question for me – 

Do your needs matter? 

Don’t knee jerk a response. Really think about that question. Does how you treat yourself support your answer? 

Really think about it because your answer to this question can impact more than you know – your mind, your body, your spirit, your family. When we live as if our needs don’t matter, we’re likely stuck in a cycle of self-betrayal  or a pattern of minimizing our needs, boundaries, and dreams for the sake of stability, acceptance, or maintanence of the staus quo. 

But the good new is that we don’t have to stay that way! 

I created this video because I see so many of my clients stuck in a self-betrayal cycle and they don’t even recognize it (self-betrayal is a slippery little bugger). It impacts almost every area of our life and relationships. 

But here’s the thing, once you recognize the ways in which self-betrayal is showing up in your life, you can’t unsee it and you can immediately begin moving away from self-betrayal and towards self-honor and joy.  

In this video you’ll learn – 

  • 3 ways you may be betraying yourself without even knowing it
  • Why self-betrayal is not your fault.
  • Clear examples of how you can begin honoring yourself more, so you can stay outta the stable misery pit and live with more joy.


Press play on the video below and dive in!


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