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When Stable Misery® is your Status Quo you’re:

A Joy-full life shouldn’t feel this hard to maintain with yourself or those who matter most.

No Crisis + No Connection = Stable Misery®

I see you! Everything seems fine on the surface. When people look at your family, they may think, “wow! Look at how happy they are. I wish I knew their secret.” But you know the real deal. Deep down, you feel unfulfilled, overwhelmed, or frustrated when you fall back on old, unhelpful patterns with those you love.

Part of you wonders if you’re just being dramatic; I mean, nothing’s on fire - your family is pretty stable. BUT the lack of connection, joy, and insight on how to finally stop the day-to-day drama is driving you nuts and draining you dry.

Whether this describes your parenting, partnership or both. I see you, (spoiler alert! I’ve been you), and I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to get unstuck from Stable Misery, so you and those you love can enjoy a life with less drama and more joy.

Neither you nor your family are BROKEN,
you just have HABITS that need to be.


You possess deeper insights into who you are - what lights you up, what shuts you down, and the actions you can take to be that soul-aligned person you know you can be for yourself and your family.

You feel more connected to your partner - less like roommates and more like soul-mates - you have conversations that feel effortless and involve more than just your kids and career. You enjoy being around your kids and know that they enjoy you too.

You feel confident in your abilities as a parent, partner, and professional - instead of doubting and regretting your choices, you see your blind spots, avoid pitfalls, and confidently know what steps to take to create more harmony between your family, career, and needs (and feel less guilt and more self-compassion you’re not).

You feel more at ease and less stressed - you connect to a deeper sense of fulfillment and more joy in different areas of your life. You are able to live your dream AND being present with those you care about most.

You're able to find joy in your life as it is now - you want to be able to find joy and be in the present moment instead of feeling consumed with anxiety about the future or regret from the past.

You feel empowered by the support of someone who “gets you” - you want to create that life with less misery and waaaay more joy and you would love the support of a professional who won’t judge you for your less-than-ideal thoughts and actions.

About Dr. Lynyetta

I’m a psychologist, family coach, award-winning author, keynote speaker & workshop facilitator. For over 20 years, I’ve helped individuals, couples, and families feel confident and empowered as they deal with drama, heal trauma, and grow both emotionally and spiritually.

The parents and couples I work with have spent much of their lives developing professional competence and brilliance. But that competence doesn’t fully translate when the family drama hits the fan.

Though they’re fully committed to their growth and the growth of their family, they’re unsure what steps to take when they go from soul-mate to roommate in their marriage, lose it with their kids, or feel shame and disappointment in themselves when they get stuck using unhelpful methods used with or modeled for them growing up.

That’s where I come in.

It’s time for you to feel as confident and empowered in your family as you do in other areas of your life.

Click a button or two below to learn how I can help you finally transform those unhelpful relationship habits that keep you stuck; because you and those you love, deserve a life with less drama and more joy!

Choose Your Path to Transformation

There are 4 ways we can journey together

parenting coaching


Triggered to Transformed:

Break unhelpful cycles, create the connection you crave, & pass down the best parts of yourself in this group program.

couples coaching


1-on-2 Coaching Program:

You & your partner can design new relationship patterns, rekindle your connection, & co-create the joy you so deeply desire.

Individual coaching services


1-on-1 Coaching Program:

Create the harmony you need within yourself, your home, & your career, so you can feel confident & truly enjoy a fulfilled life.

organization services


Keynotes & Workshops:

Practical guidance for families, entrepreneurs, healthcare providers, educators, corporate organizations, & podcast audiences.

I Get It –

breaking unhelpful relationship habits can feel hard.

Whether you’re operating off of old habits modeled for you growing up or overwhelmed by day-to-day stress, there are research-supported and brain-based tools that will help you and your family respond more than you react and connect more than you criticize. My clients use these tools and have seen great success!

“When my wife and I started with Dr. Willis, we had no idea how much our old patterns were hurting our relationship. The fact that we couldn’t stop fighting, just seemed so random. Dr. Willis helped us make sense of the madness and then helped us create a pathway forward. We're forever grateful.”

– John C

“When I began Dr. Willis’s Triggered to Transformed Parent Program, I was stuck in the muck with my kids. Now we’re more connected than we’ve ever been. I’m enjoying the parenting experience now. Thank you Dr. Willis!”

– Connie M

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