Ask me Anything: Couples Questions Edition

I hosted an “Ask Me Anything!: Couples Questions Edition” in the Soul-Sight Family Facebook group this week! 

Any of these questions sound familiar? If so, scroll down and listen in!

  • “When I’m with my extended family, how do I keep from resorting to old tricks and unenlightened behaviors?”
    • Skip to 6:00 minutes
  • “Things seem fine between my husband and I. We don’t really fight at all. But I don’t want to wait till our kids are older and then realize that our relationship was screwing them up somehow. How do I know if we need to change anything?”
    • Skip to 20:20 minutes
  • “If we argue in front of the kids will we screw them up for life?”
    • Skip to 27:50 minutes
  • “I loved the Elemental questions worksheet you posted. But how do I let my partner know that I want to use them to work on our relationship without sounding the ‘OUR MARRIAGE IS IN TROUBLE!’ alarm in his head?”
    • Skip to 30:00 minutes
  • “How do I work on the stable misery in my marriage when I see a problem but my partner may not?”
    • Skip to 37:15 minutes
  • “My husband and I have different parenting styles. I think he puts too much pressure on the kids education and achievement. How do I get him to see my perspective?
    • Skip to 48:35 minutes
  • “My child feels ganged up on by me and his step-dad when we try to correct him. I get what means, but how do we talk to him without him feeling like it’s 2 against 1?”
    • Skip to 1:09:05 minutes

Got more questions? Realizing that your relationship is overdue for some routine maintenance? Hop on my schedule and let’s talk!

Click here to view the “Ask Me Anything” video!


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