Kiss Regret Goodbye!

About 3 years ago, I noticed something. 

At the end of every year, I would enter into a stable misery pit of regret…

I would regret not being present enough with my kids, not connecting more with my husband, not investing enough time into older family members who won’t be here forever, not doing enough personal work, not doing enough for my biz…

the list would go on and on…

Then I had a huge realization.

When Resolutions Fail to Resolve Regret

During the New Year so many of us create resolutions for how we want to be different in the upcoming year. 

The problem? 

Most of these resolutions are based on what we *don’t want.* They are motivated by our desire to run *away* from something, *fix* what seems broken, or play catch-up in some way.

Guess what eventually happens when we run too fast for too long? We become exhausted and give up on our goals (sound familiar). 

VISIONS on the other hand are powerful because they are based on what we want to move *TOWARDS,* they help us celebrate where we are, and recognize all that’s right. Visions carry their own energy and *PULL* us towards what we want.

Now what sounds better? 

Run away from what you don’t want or being pulled towards what brings you joy? 

When I became aware of this, I realized what was missing. I began visioning for my new year and it’s been ridiculously powerful! 

I won’t lie, I do have a part of me that will always critique my actions and how I spend my time, but now that I have a clear vision to return to when I start to doubt, that pesky part no longer pushes me into the pit at the end of the year…lol. 

To help you make 2020 your family’s best year yet, I’ve created an opportunity for you! You can experience the same visioning process I use personally and with each and every one of my clients to help manifest the life you want for yourself and your family  —


Unlike goal-setting which instructs you to look at what’s broken or outside of you to determine your next step, visioning invites you to turn inward to gain insight into what you want for yourself and your family. Visioning is powerful because you create your vision, not from a place of need, regret, or fear, but from a centered space of abundance within yourself.

Power Visioning Planner

Visioning work is powerful because it works from the inside out. When our feelings, body sensations, and imagination are all vibrating on the same level, we can clearly see our ideal vision for our life and relationships; a vision that’s not blocked by fear or frustration. This planner will help you begin this alignment process. Through it, you will begin to bring your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations into alignment with your highest desires for yourself and your family. 

Power Visioning + Planning Session

During this 90-minute session, I’ll guide you through the same powerful visioning meditation experience I use with my clients. Through this session, you’ll tap into and create your ideal 2020 vision for you and your family. Don’t be surprised if you’re surprised by what comes up! Sometimes our highest desires are not what we think they are… they’re better!

Visions are awesome, but they’re nothing more than wishes if you don’t take clear and consistent action to make them a reality. We’ll also come up with an action plan to getcha moving in the right direction. 

Personal Evolution Video + Workbook

Sometimes we give up on our visions because they feel too big for who we are or where we are. Other times, we feel we need to fix too much within ourselves or our lives before we can get there.  In this video and workbook combo, instead of minimizing or fixing something, I’ll guide you step by step, as we focus on ways you can personally expand or evolve towards the vision you seek. This is more than just writing down quarterly goals. More specifically, I’ll guide you through a process to help you decide who you need to become to get yourself and your family where you want to be in 2020. 

Through this package you’ll:

  • Feel clear and energized about what you want for yourself and your family in the upcoming year.
  • Discover powerful “next steps” that will keep you motivated.
  • Create a practical plan for you and your family that you can revisit again and again throughout the year.
  • Transform important relationships so you can feel peace within yourself and harmony within your home.
  • Create who you want and need to become in order to actualize your vision.

When I work with a new client we ALWAYS begin with this exact visioning process. Clients have told me this has been a game changer for them because they immediately feel pulled towards what they’ve truly wanted for themselves and their family.

Your Investment: 

This package usually costs $250. but I’m offering it to you for a limited time for $197. 

Just use the code 2020Vision at checkout.

Planning is good but if you’re anything like me, without a vision to pull you, you’ll likely pewter out within the first quarter. 

We plan everything from our career to our lunch break, but how often do we vision and plan for our family?

Want to be closer to your partner?

Feel less overwhelmed by your kids?

Bring more harmony into your home?

Then this is for YOU!


Then don’t miss this.

This deal won’t last long.

Book before January 31 to get the deal!!!

*use the code 2020Vision to apply the deal*

Book Your Package here!

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