You’ve been living in
Stable Misery® for too long

You’ve been living in
Stable Misery®
for too long

It’s time to break free, so you and your partner can live a life full of joy, harmony, and everything in between.

Sound familiar?

You feel successful in so many areas of your life - career growth, personal growth, spiritual growth - but when it comes to your marriage, you feel anything but.

You married your soulmate, but you live more like roommates.

You’re disappointed when the tips and tricks from books or podcasts never really address your specific circumstances.

You just want more fun, connection, and some romance in your relationship.

You can create more joy in your marriage.

Stable Misery® doesn’t have to be your status quo

Imagine you…

Feel closer to your partner and have the tools to deal when you don’t

Become who you know you can be, even when those crazy-making moments arise

Reignite your connection and reconnect to what brought you and your partner together.

This isn't just a dream. It can be your reality. I can help.

About Dr. Lynyetta

Hi, I’m Lynyetta! As a psychologist and family coach, I help high-achieving couples break free from Stable Misery so they can feel as much connection & confidence in their marriage as they do in other areas of their life.

Together, we calm the inner chaos, form a clear actionable vision for their relationship, & make a practical plan to get there, so you can stay connected, grow closer, & enjoy the idea of spending the next 70 years together.

Imagine having a Psychologist and Family Coach to listen to you, your story, and your concerns while providing support, strategies and practices that are unique to you and your relationship.

Together We Can Create More

Harmony in Your Home

Customized Approach

Your relationship is like no other, and your approach to strengthening it, needs to be unique too. Together, we will co-create an experience that meets your specific needs, desires, and challenges. This ensures that your experience is focused and effective #NoCookieCutters.

Empowering Resources

Any tools you use must take you beyond temporary fixes. With 20+ years of experience, I know what works. I’ll help you strategically integrate tools from my proven toolkit, so you can re-gain & maintain a harmonious and loving relationship #NoTimeSuckingBusywork.

Expert Support

Marriage happens outside of sessions. Having access to support and guidance when you need it is key. During our work together you can send me messages with your wins and challenges. I’ll respond with my thoughts and practical guidance. You are not alone in this process #IGotYou.

The marriage you desire, isn’t as far away as you may think –

A clear vision, a personalized plan that shifts your unhelpful patterns, and tiny, consistent steps that work - can get you there. I’ve done it in my marriage and so have countless of my clients.

“If you told me that in less than 3-months, my wife and I would have transformed as much as we have and been as connected as we are, I would have laughed in your face.
Dr. Willis is a marriage magician.”

– Nick N.

“My husband & I were on the verge of separation. We thought we tried everything. Now we’re connecting like never before. I’ve fallen in love all over again. I’ve worked with a lot of professionals and Dr. Willis is like no other. Her guidance, support, & powerful ability to help us see & create the relationship we want, literally saved our marriage.”

– Jenn M.

What’s Included

Personal Harmony Map

You must start with a clear plan! Using my proprietary planning process, we’ll get crystal clear on what’s not working & what you need instead (hint: It’s seldom what you think). You’ll walk away with your personalized plan for our time together & clear next steps that will get your started.

Harmonized Habits Sessions

Transformed habits, transform relationships! We'll explore the experiences, patterns, & beliefs that keep you both stuck. Through experiments designed to shift unhelpful habits, you'll create a relationship driven by connection, self-awareness, & understanding.