You work hard to create a life you love. Let's make your journey less dreadful and more Joy-Full.

Empowering entrepreneurs and professionals to create harmony between their heart, home, & career.

Any of these sound familiar?

As a self-aware professional, you know you've got some self-defeating behaviors and critical thoughts that trip you up sometimes. But you’re tired of the one-sized-fits-all approaches and crave personalized solutions that will honor your unique journey and get you further, faster.

You’d love an experienced guide to journey alongside you and offer practical support, empathetic insights, and real experience that will empower you to remove those inner-roadblocks and reach new heights.

This is where I come in. With over two decades of experience, I can help you pave the path you desire to excel as a parent, partner, and/or professional. Turning confusion into confidence, overwhelm into ease, and "I'm screwing up!" into "I got this" - you'll learn to unleash your full potential and embrace a ton of joy along the way.

You’re ready to gain deeper insights into who you are…

…what lights you up, what shuts you down, and the actions you can take to be that soul-aligned person you know you can be for yourself, your family, and your career.

How would it feel to:

How would it feel to become the best version of yourself and live a more fulfilling life?

Imagine having someone to hear you, see you, and support you - without shame or judgement - through all the crazy-making moments. Someone who will remind you of your strengths and empower you to develop the tools you need to create the life you want.
I’d be honored to be your someone!

About Lynyetta

Hi, I’m Lynyetta! As a psychologist and family coach, I empower self-aware, high-achieving folks like you - and their families - to break free from Stable Misery in their life and relationships, so they can live a life with less stress and more joy.

My clients describe me as a 3-in-1 coach, because I can help you grow stronger as a parent, partner, and along your personal growth journey. Together, we will calm the inner chaos, form a clear actionable vision for your life and relationships, & make a practical plan to get you there, so you can stay present and connected with yourself and those you love.