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Ready to break free from stable misery & embrace the joy you crave?

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"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten." - Henry Ford

If you’re here, chances are something needs to change. 

You’re a smart, successful woman and in your professional life, “I’ve GOT this!” is your middle name.


However, you’ve been through some “stuff” and God knows you’ve done some deep emotional and spiritual work to get over it all.  You’ve spent time (and money) developing the insights and awareness you feel you need to move forward and live a fulfilled life with those you love.  But no matter how many ah-ha moments you have, there’s still a part of you that longs to feel happier and more connected in your marriage, or calmer and more confident in how you respond to your kids or more joy within yourself. 


You want to stop the “bad” habits and unhelpful patterns that keep you stuck in stable misery with your kids, partner, or others you love. You want to replace unhelpful behaviors modeled for you growing up with behaviors you’d be proud for your kids to repeat at a playdate. You’re afraid if things stay the same, your marriage will slip away or things with your kids will never change. 


You want guidance, support, a clear path, and specific steps to take towards connection, peace, joy, creativity, and clarity within yourself and your home. 


Well I’ve got good news! 

I’ve been there. 

I get it. 

I got you. 

And together, we can do this!

What We Do Together

My toolbox is pretty cool and filled with gems just for you! In it, you've got my 20 years of psychology experience with families, couples, parents, and those I've been honored to help grow spiritually and heal from trauma. My toolbox also carries 2 graduate degrees, my proven P.A.T.H.S to Personal Evolution Framework, and (perhaps my most powerful tool) personal experience from my family's journey out of stable misery. Together we'll use all of these PLUS your awesome inner wisdom (yup! You've got boatloads o' that) to help you and your family:

Transform Your Mindset

You're tired of repeating the same old patterns again and again. Transform the habits, patterns, and triggers that keep you stuck in the same unhelpful “stable misery” cycles with your family.

Take Clear Action

You feel overwhelmed and wish you knew clear steps to take to calm the chaos. Personal growth is only helpful when used to make powerful AND practical changes in your life and relationships. We'll design a personal, actionable plan that will help you evolve yourself, your marriage, and/or your relationship with your kids.

Rewire Your Brain

You dream of that day when the actions of others no longer determine your reactions. Feel more confident in how you respond to your family by making your brain less reactive through powerful guided imagery exercises.

Supercharge Your Intuition

You want to know how to respond even when you don't have a book or a blog on hand to guide your way. Learn to tap into your intuition so you can choose responses that’ll make you feel proud, regardless of how others react around you.

Build Strateies

You're tired of relying on tips that don't quite fit your family or particular situation. Create effective (and often playful 🙂 ) activities that you’ll use to form new habits and test new strategies. We'll make sure they fit your personality and family like a glove (so you’ll actually use them)!

Create Joy

You hope each day will be different and joy will find it's way into your relationships. You'll take steps to consciously create joy in your personal and family life through powerful visioning activities and tiny new habits that will help you kick your stable misery to the curb.

I'm Ready If you are!

Ready to evolve personally?

You want to create powerful shifts in your life and relationships. But every time you move in one direction, you run into internal or external walls that stop you or send you back to where you started. You find yourself repeating patterns that no longer serve you or feeling overwhelmed with the same thoughts or emotions that send you spiraling into dead ends. You’re ready to make a U-turn and break free from stable misery. During out work together, customized for YOU, we’ll illuminate a crystal clear vision of where you want to go; create a personalized map to guide you down pathways you know will get you there; and use powerful strategies to remove internal blocks and equip you with the tools to transform your partnership; become the parent you want to be; or create the personal joy you so deeply desire.

Ready to evolve as a parent?

Your kids can feel like your greatest gift and at times your greatest frustration. When you feel overwhelmed and angry, you wish you knew what to say and do during those crazy-making moments.  You’re tired of reading books and blogs that don’t quite get your situation. You’ve done a lot of personal or spiritual growth work, but all that goes out the window when your kiddo sets you off. You want a process, a plan, and a practice that resonates with YOU so you can be that parent you deeply want to be. I’ve been there and I can help! Let’s chat.

Ready to evolve your partnership or marriage?

You’ve been through a lot of “stuff” in your life — childhood family drama, unhealthy romantic relationships, toxic relationship patterns, or negative self-talk. You’ve done quite a bit of healing and personal growth work but you see that your or your partner’s past issues begin creeping into your relationship with each other or with your child. You both want nothing more than to make this family thing work but you recognize that in order to grow together, you need some support. But you want to work with someone who has the personal and professional experience to understand and guide you both through issues that impact your communication and connection. 

Client Love

"I became a better version of myself"

After working with Dr. Willis, I became a better version of myself. I opened my heart and loved my husband and step-son from an empowered place. I felt at ease and peace within myself and with them. This allowed us to create harmony within our home and to really enjoy one another. I let my step-son see the real me. This was all received very well---which I did not expect at all. 🙂 Dr. Willis is non-judgmental, fun, and authentic. Her approach to relationships, parenting, and family is very heart-centered and professional.
Lauren Kay Wyatt
Director and Intuitive Coach of Love Renegades

“The Real Deal”

“The Real Deal”

Hiring Lynyetta as a coach for my family was one of the best business and personal growth decisions I have ever made. While I consider myself very blessed to work-from-home with my husband, we have faced unique challenges in our marriage, raising our daughter, and in our own self-development (and self-care) as a result of being together...All. The. Time. I knew that our little family squabbles were becoming more frequent and more intense - particularly with our child. I was instantly drawn to Lynyetta - her story, her education, and her experiences at the intersections of psychology, therapy, family systems, spirituality, and meditation, as well as her warmth and glorious sense of humor. As a fellow coach, it was important to me to work with someone who was the real deal, who would help me and my husband unlock our family's best answers (versus "tell us what to do") - and who I looked forward to spending time with (otherwise I knew I would make excuses and be too "busy" to show up). Lynyetta totally over delivered on our expectations. She helped us identify how our childhood family histories were showing up (in good and not so good ways) in our current family dynamics, how to be more mindful of our triggers and move through them with grace and ease, and how to identify what was really going on with our daughter's fears and tantrums and be able to use them as opportunities for our family to come together rather than act out against each other. Through our work together, I also found more time for myself, recommitted to my emotional and physical health, and decreased personal and family stress. I highly recommend working with Lynyetta if you want to strengthen your relationship with a partner, a parent, a child, and above all, deepen your relationship with yourself.
Alexia Vernon
Author & Speakers Coach

“Powerful, Insightful, Practical”

Working with Dr. Willis gave me a greater confidence that I can get through hard times, especially on those exhausting days. Now I have more good days, good ideas, and a plan based on thoughts and ideas that resonate with me. Her personality is warm, supportive, and genuine. Her approach is powerful, insightful, practical and helped me get a better handle on my emotions and reactions. Her creative process helped me dive deeper and figure out a productive and meaningful path forward to create a more loving experience for myself and my family. I’d recommend Dr. Willis to anyone looking to move past “stuck” or “hard” emotions and towards a happier, healthier way of living.
Adeena Manford
Financial Advisor

“Extremely insightful with a gentle approach.”

When my husband I contacted Dr. Willis, the possibility of our issues tearing our relationship apart was very real. It was nice to work with a person we felt could really connect with us. Dr. Willis was non judgmental and helped us to really see our issues from both sides. For the first time in a long time, I was really able to really listen and understand my husband's perspective. Dr. Willis helped us to verbalize our feelings without becoming overly emotional or blaming. We were so grateful to have her help. I would recommend Dr. Willis to any family or person dealing with tough life issues. She’s extremely insightful, very smart, respectful and professional but with a gentle approach.
Kel & Lawrence Evans

“Extremely Enlightening.”

Dr. Willis’s warmth and genuineness made me feel so much better after speaking with her. She has vast knowledge and a powerful ability to relay it and integrate it to suit the individual. During my work with Dr. Willis I was able to get in touch with parts of myself that I didn’t know existed and this has been extremely enlightening. After working with Dr. Willis I’m paying more attention to my feelings during moments when I’m triggered and when I'm not. If you’re on a quest to understand the root of your triggers, Dr. Willis is understanding, real, and empathetic.
Karen McCarthy
Wife & Mom of 3

Still wondering which next step is right for you? Let's hop on a call and chat about it!