Are you ready to create harmony in your home?

Are you a parent, couple, or individual who wants to stop reacting, repeating unhelpful patterns and start responding more mindfully in your life and relationships? Than this package is for you!

You feel successful in so many areas of your life but when it comes to your family, there are times when doubt, self-judgment, guilt, regret, and overwhelm take over. 

You feel scared that things won’t change with your kids or that your partnership will forever live on autopilot. Your family is the most important thing in your life AND you have a career or dreams that light you up but you struggle to find that sacred balance. You’re desperate for guidance and support from someone who “gets you.”

You married your best friend, but now you’re living more like roommates than soul mates. 

Most of your conversations revolve around kids or careers. You want more fun and romance in your relationship. You snap, shout, or shut down when triggered by your kids. The tips and tricks you read about in blogs and books fly out the window while the guilt and regret take over.

You’re disappointed when the tips and tricks from books, blogs, and friends never really address your child or your circumstances. 

You’re desperate for someone to listen to you, understand your situation, and your family. You want that “I GOT this” feeling during stressful moments with those who matter most.

Imagine having a Psychologist and Family Coach to listen to you, your story, and your concerns while providing support, strategies and practices that are unique to you and your family’s situation.

Instead of doubting and regretting your choices, you learn and practice the skills needed to see your blind spots, avoid pitfalls, and take creative steps towards feeling more harmony in your home, relationships, and yourself.   

You’re ready to gain deeper insights into who you are, what lights you up, what shuts you down, and the actions you can take to be that soul-aligned woman you know you can be for yourself and your family.