You've Been Living in Stable Misery for Too Long

It's time to break free so you and your partner can live a life full of joy, harmony, and everything in between.

Do you find yourself reacting, repeating unhelpful patterns,
or just feeling unhappy in your relationship but you wanna make it work? Than this package is for you! Schedule your call now.

You feel successful in so many areas of your life but when it comes to your marriage, you feel anything but. 

You’re afraid that nothing will change and you’ll spend the rest of your relationship in fights, debates, or worse, running out of energy and no longer trying anything at all. 

You married your soul mate, but now you’re living more like roommates. 

You tried everything from yelling, shutting down, trying to fix yourself, or trying to fix your partner, but nothing seems to work.  You really want to make things work, but you just don’t know how. You want more fun and romance in your relationship. 

You’re disappointed when the tips and tricks from books or podcasts never really address your specific circumstances. 

When you do try, you end up falling back on unhelpful habits that you picked up long ago, or relying on your kids or career to help you feel the confidence or validation you aren’t getting in your relationship. You just wish you had support or guidance to help you figure this relationship thing out. 

Imagine having a Psychologist and Family Coach to listen to you, your story, and your concerns while providing support, strategies and practices that are unique to you and your relationship.

Instead of falling into the same fights and debates over and over again, you want to have the tools and insights you need to calm the chaos before it begins.

You’re ready to gain deeper insights into who you are, what lights you up, what shuts you down, so you can stop feeling broken and be that confident person you so deeply want to be in your relationship.  

You want to feel connected to your partner. You want to have conversations that feel effortless and involve more than just your kids and career. You want to enjoy being around your partner and know that they enjoy you too.   

You crave strategies that you’ll remember when you need them most. You’re desperate for support from someone that will help you and not judge you for your less-than-ideal thoughts and actions. You want to live your dreams AND be present with those you care about most.

Hi, I’m Lynyetta! As a psychologist and family coach, I help smart, successful women & their partners break free from stable misery so they can create joy & feel harmony in their heart & home. We calm the inner chaos, form a clear actionable vision for their relationship, & make a practical plan to get there so they can stay connected, grow closer, & enjoy the idea of spending the next 70 years together.

How would it feel to:
  • Feel closer and more connected to your partner and have to tools to deal when you don’t?
  • Understand what triggers you, why and what to do about it?
  • Have a roadmap out of stable misery and into harmony and joy?
  • Form a clear vision that you and your partner can turn to for decision-making clarity?
  • Have the support of someone who “gets it” when questions and chaos arise?

You can do all this and more … and I can help!

Through the Joyful Harmony Partnership Package, you will create…

  • A clear vision for yourself and your relationship.
  • A new path that will take your marriage out of old unhelpful patterns and into new creative habits.
  • New strategies and insights into what triggers you and what to do about it. 
  • A calmer and more confident mindset.
  • A roadmap out of stable misery and into connection, harmony, and joy. 
  • A stronger connection between yourself and your partner so you can reignite the feeling of what brought you together.
  • Have the complete support of ‘3 coaches-in-1’ (that’s me 😊) that’s experienced enough to help you, not just with your (1) relationship (1) but also with your parenting (2), and issues that limit your personal growth (3).  (YES! Finally someone who will hear you, see you, and support you as you grow and develop powerful skills and insights based on you and your family’s needs. #NoCookieCuttersAllowed).

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The Joyful Harmony Partnership Package includes:


✓ Joyful Harmony 90-minute Visioning Session to help you get crystal clear on where you want to go as a person and as a partner. Then we’ll use this information to create a practical path to get you there. This is not a “mental questionnaire guided session.” We’ll use guided imagery to tap into your subconscious so you can access the deep desires and needs that have been buried within you for too long ($300 Value).

✓ 10, 60-minute Harmony Sessions to help you gain powerful insights and take clear action, so you can grow personally and as a couple. We’ll get clear on the patterns, beliefs, habits, and stories that are keeping your relationship stuck in stable misery and create intentional actions you can take to finally break free. And we’ll do these sessions on video chat so you don’t have to leave your comfy home ($2400 Value).

✓ Go from Triggered to Transformed Digital Course to give you the personal tools you need to help you stay calm during those chaotic family moments. This upcoming course is not filled with canned tips and tricks you can just download off of the internet. This is a step-by-step process I’ll guide you through to help you develop a personalized plan to finally transform those overreactions ($297 Value).


✓ Fast-Action Bonus #1. 90-minute Hypnotherapy Session ($300 value). No, hypnotherapy will not have you on a stage, barking like a dog. You know those moments when you find yourself angry, yelling, or shutting down… again? Hypnotherapy helps you transform those patterns on a subconscious level by rewiring your brain so your feelings aren’t hijacked by those triggering moments. When change occurs on this deep subconscious level, you go further faster (This bonus is only available to the first 3 people who schedule their call with me and enroll. There are only TWO slots left and I have calls scheduled into next week, so schedule your call with me ASAP).

✓ Fast-Action Bonus #2. Telegram support ($1800 value). Marriage is a 24 hours thing, not a once a week thing; this is why I’m offering Voxer support as a package bonus. Voxer is a walkie talkie app. You can push a button and vent, ask questions, or share celebrations and I’ll respond to you within 24-hours. Think of Voxer as having me in your back pocket when you need support, guidance, or a celebration buddy. (This bonus is only available to those who schedule their calls before midnight PST on Saturday, Ferbruary 1 Sunday, February 2).

Yes! You and your partner can have the relationship you so deeply want. Are you ready to feel more supported and empowered along the way? Then let’s get started!

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Once you decide to enroll, you can
choose between two payment options:

1 Payment of
$ 2,500 ($191. discount when you choose this option)
3 Payments of
$ 897 per month

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Most frequent questions and answers

This  is the perfect time to engage this process. The earlier you recognize you’re in stable misery and begin the break-free process, the better. Just like you don’t rearrange the furniture once the house starts burning down, it doesn’t help your relationship to wait until things get “bad” before you seek guidance and support. Let’s use your energy to make your “not bad” relationship, a great relationship?

I’ve received intense training in couples therapy and one major difference between coaching and therapy is a focus on the past.  Therapy can take years and requires that you unpack your past so you can heal it. This has a place, but it’s not required for everyone.  With coaching we don’t need to talk about what happened, we focus on your current unhelpful beliefs that are keeping your marriage in stable misery and shift those. 

Yes! The core of this process is about helping two people shift unhelpful habits that are harming their relationships. You shifting how you show up in the relationship will shift the relationship so you can create joy and break free from stable misery.

You can always send me emails with questions. I’ll note them and we can discuss the in the next session. However, you can also upgrade to Voxer support and send me voice messages with questions, concerns, and celebrations and I’ll respond within 24-hours, between sessions. [Voxer support is a bonus with the Stable Misery Masterclass — Voxer is automatically included in your package at no extra change if you schedule your call by Sunday, February 2 @ 11:59 pm PST. 

The best way to find out if this package is right for you is to hop on a call with me. I’m more than happy to answer your questions and help you explore the most helpful next step for your relationship. I only work with clients I truly believe I can help. If this package is not right for you, I’ll tell you AND I’ll give you my professional opinion on helpful next steps.

Interested in working together? Excellent!  

Click below to schedule your no-obligation discovery call.  Together we’ll make sure this package is for you.
If you plan to complete this package with your partner, please schedule a time when you can both attend. 
If you cannot find a time that works for you, please shoot me a message. 
We’ll work something out!