Are you ready for a relationship revolution?

Are you a parent, couple, or individual who wants to stop reacting, repeating unhelpful patterns and start responding from a place of intention in your life and relationships? Than this package is for you!​

You’re on a spiritual path –

You meditate, listen to motivational podcasts, do yoga, or read transformational books. Maybe you’ve been to therapy, done healing work, or just love having those deep, soul-aligning conversations with friends.

Your family is the most important part of your life.

Without them you’d feel empty. No one lights you up like they do…. Aaaaand no one pushes your buttons like they do. When the connection seems lost you feel deflated. When tensions and frustrations seep into your family you start to wonder “why isn’t this working?”

As a parent, partner, or generally self-aware person you feel you “should” know how to better deal with those frustrating moments.

You feel confused when the things you say or do don’t help. You check-out or realize you have more patience with your co-workers than with your kids. You want to shift the dynamics and grow together. But when you wrestle with self-doubt you wonder if you can ever be the person, parent, or partner  you want to be for yourself and your family.

When you’re triggered or you fall into power struggles all your spiritual wisdom flies right out the window.

You wake up feeling good, but a nagging feeling hits your gut. You stop and wonder “what’s wrong?” And then you remember that frustrating family moment. When things aren’t right with them, things don’t seem right with much of anything.

You want a shift in perspective. Something to do. Something to say. Anything to help shift things so you can enjoy your time with those who matter most.  

You know that these frustrating moments carry opportunities or gifts for you to grow but you just can’t seem to stay connected long enough to see beyond your frustrations. You don’t like how it feels on the inside. You need a family relationship revolution!

Imagine being that authentic, soul-aligned person, parent, or partner for yourself
and your family during those crazy making moments.

You’re excited to show up in ways that align with who you know you can be for yourself and your family. Imagine feeling compassion towards yourself and those you care about most, even during that high-stress moment. Imagine having the perspective you need to show up exactly how you want to for yourself and your family.

You’re ready to gain the personal insight, clarity, and knowledge you need to navigate through that uncomfortable energy-draining moment. You’re eager to move quickly through and grow beyond challenges that come your way. You’re excited to enjoy your family even more.

Hi, I’m Lynyetta! As a psychologist and family coach, I help smart, successful women and their families break free from stable misery so they can create joy and feel harmony in their heart and home. We calm the inner chaos, form a clear actionable vision for those important relationships, and make a practical plan to get there so they can stay connected and grow closer as a family.

How would it feel to…

  • Stop repeating those same pesky patterns again and again?
  • Have tools to heal and deal with the those draining moments when you don’t know what to say or do?
  • Be in control of your reactions and emotions to avoid taking your frustrations out on others (or yourself)?
  • Grow and learn through frustrating interactions?
  • Feel more grounded, present, and connected both to your intuition and your family?

With the Relationship Revolution you will…

  • Have a clear vision and an actionable step to close the gap between how you’ve been showing up and who you want to be in that important relationship.
  • Use your most powerful resource to get clear on what is triggering you and why.
  • Develop one easy way to consistently calm your inner chaos.
  • Create an empowering strategy to help you deal with one challenging relationship trigger the next time it occurs.


Together we’ll clarify your vision for that important relationship, and identify your triggers and strengths so we can use them to make a crystal clear plan that will help you become the person, parent, or partner you know you can be.

Your Relationship Revolution Session includes:

Relationship Review Questionnaire

In this confidential questionnaire you’ll answer a few questions about your most challenging relationship moment and the strategies and practices you’ve tried or currently use to deal with it. This will help us get clear on how you currently show up in this relationship. You’ll also answer basic questions about your past that will help you gain deeper insight into your triggers. Finally, you’ll create a vision of how you want to show up for yourself and in this relationship.

Relationship Revolution 90-minute Session:

Focusing on the relationship moment when you feel most triggered, we’ll get super clear on how or why you respond the way you do. When you understand the source of your triggers, you’re more likely to notice them before they take over. You’ll feel compassion towards yourself for the times they do take over. Then, to help you feel more confident and relieved during that triggering moment, we’ll use the vision you created in your questionnaire to develop a personalized strategy to help you become the person you deeply want to be in that relationship.

“Maintain the Revolution” Practice:

Finally, we’ll create a personalized practice to help shift how you view and handle stressful moments. The more you do the practice, the more you will feel calm, empowered and gain perspective. We’ll make sure your personal practice fits your personality and lifestyle so you’ll actually use and get the most out of it.

Follow-up Call:

Two weeks after our session, we’ll get on a 45-minute call to see how the insights, strategy and practice are working out for you. We’ll review which strategies are most effective and make changes where necessary so you can continue moving towards the vision of the woman you know you can be for yourself and your family.

By the end of our work together, you’ll feel more aware of your emotions, intentional about your responses, and be on your way to feeling more connected to those you care about the most.
Are you ready to finally close the gap between the person you are and the person you *know* you can be for yourself and your family?

Investment: $297. 

Ready to start your Relationship Revolution? Great!


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Get ready to strengthen your important relationships, transform how you show up, and grow personally in the process.