Wednesday, January 29, 2020
8:00 pm EST


You’re a smart, successful woman who’s used to feeling confident in so many areas of her life.

However, that confidence doesn’t always translate into your marriage.

You’re tired of feeling like a roommate with the one person who should be your soul mate.

You’re tired of small comments turning into conflicts.

You want to be heard and understood and you want to hear and understand your partner.

You wish you had a plan, guidance, and support to help you reconnect.

During Your FREE Masterclass You'll Discover...

Clear Guidance

What your stable misery marriage says about you (and what it doesn’t).

Helpful Support

Why focusing on your past may be causing more harm than good (and what to focus on instead).

Action Plan

How to transform your marriage (even if your partner isn’t that into “that therapy thing”).


Please join me for a conversation about how to break your partnership free from stable misery…

Despite years of psychology training, experiences helping countless couples revive their marriages, and quite a bit of personal growth work, my husband and I still found ourselves stuck in a stable misery marriage.

We repeated the same frustrating patterns again and again until we eventually hit a wall. I convinced myself that my past had broken me. And we began having “serious” discussions about the future of our relationship. 

It wasn’t until we began questioning everything we thought we knew, that we experienced the mindset shifts necessary to break free from stable misery and reclaim the joy we were craving. 

Our personal journey and my 20 years of psychology experience working with couples, families, parents, and clients healing from trauma, led me to create the P.A.T.H.S to Personal Evolution Framework. Currently, I use the P.A.T.H.S framework to help families I coach break free from stable misery.

Here’s the great news: You too, can break free!

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