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First Webinar

In less than 10-minutes a day, learn to minimize overreactions, calm your anger, and repair your relationship with your kid or your partner when you do overreact (without memorizing more scripts you’ll likely forget anyway).

Experiment with practical tools that will help you minimize your overreactions, calm yourself when you are triggered, and successfully repair the relationship with your child or your partner when you do overreact.

You’ve taken the courses, listened to the meditations, repeated the affirmations, and you STILL find yourself losing it with your kid or your partner.

You’re worried that you’re screwing up your kid or losing your relationship and wonder if things will ever get better.

You know that these days with them are precious. You want to create the connection you crave now, so your kids will actually want to come home for the holiday’s when they’re older. You want to strengthen your relationship with your partner now so you won’t end up living like roommates.

That’s why I created the Trigger Tools for Parenting & Partnerships Video Course…

…to guide you step-by-step, how to minimize and calm your parenting or partnership triggers and repair the relationship when you do overreact.  

There’s a lot of GREAT guidance online about how to deal with parenting or partnership triggers but most of it takes time to actually work …

*cue the “just meditate regularly!” advice* 

…or you’ve tried it so many times you’ve lost count… 

*How many ineffective ‘5 deep breaths’ have you taken when you were ready to blow?*

…or you just gave up because you did try the tactics, you felt inauthentic, or they didn’t really align with who you are or how you are with your kids.

*Any ‘Say This, Not That’ parenting scripts collecting dust on your hard drive?*

…or maybe they worked great and really aligned with who you, but for the life of you, you CANNOT remember what to do when you’re overwhelmed, stressed, or triggered.

In about 10-minutes a day, you’ll learn simple (and dare I say, FUN) tools and practical action steps to help you deal with those pesky parenting and partnership triggers. 

This is a powerful course that will allow you to finally find THE trigger tools that truly align with who you are and how you are as a parent and a partner (so you’ll actually remember them). 

You’ll also be able to see results immediately and even include your family in the process so you feel supported and have fun! 

And, despite what you’ve been told about the power of taking deep breaths, isn’t it painfully clear that one tool doesn’t work for all triggering situations? To really make sure you succeed, by the end of this course, you’ll have the tools to be a trigger ninja.

What you’ll walk away with:

In a little over a week you’ll have…