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In less than 10-minutes a day, learn to minimize overreactions, calm your anger, and repair your relationship with your kid or your partner when you do overreact (without memorizing more scripts you’ll likely forget anyway).

Experiment with practical tools that will help you minimize your overreactions, calm yourself when you are triggered, and successfully repair the relationship with your child or your partner when you do overreact.

You’ve taken the courses, listened to the meditations, repeated the affirmations, and you STILL find yourself losing it with your kid or your partner.

You’re worried that you’re screwing up your kid or losing your relationship and wonder if things will ever get better.

You know that these days with them are precious. You want to create the connection you crave now, so your kids will actually want to come home for the holiday’s when they’re older. You want to strengthen your relationship with your partner now so you won’t end up living like roommates.

That’s why I created the Trigger Tools for Parenting & Partnerships Video Course…

…to guide you step-by-step, how to minimize and calm your parenting or partnership triggers and repair the relationship when you do overreact.  

There’s a lot of GREAT guidance online about how to deal with parenting or partnership triggers but most of it takes time to actually work …

*cue the “just meditate regularly!” advice* 

…or you’ve tried it so many times you’ve lost count… 

*How many ineffective ‘5 deep breaths’ have you taken when you were ready to blow?*

…or you just gave up because you did try the tactics, you felt inauthentic, or they didn’t really align with who you are or how you are with your kids.

*Any ‘Say This, Not That’ parenting scripts collecting dust on your hard drive?*

…or maybe they worked great and really aligned with who you, but for the life of you, you CANNOT remember what to do when you’re overwhelmed, stressed, or triggered.

In about 10-minutes a day, you’ll learn simple (and dare I say, FUN) tools and practical action steps to help you deal with those pesky parenting and partnership triggers. 

This is a powerful course that will allow you to finally find THE trigger tools that truly align with who you are and how you are as a parent and a partner (so you’ll actually remember them). 

You’ll also be able to see results immediately and even include your family in the process so you feel supported and have fun! 

And, despite what you’ve been told about the power of taking deep breaths, isn’t it painfully clear that one tool doesn’t work for all triggering situations? To really make sure you succeed, by the end of this course, you’ll have the tools to be a trigger ninja.

What you’ll walk away with:

In a little over a week you’ll have…

Here’s what you get inside:

Instant access to your first experiment so you can hit the ground running right away. No fluff, no filler, just the information and guidance you need to get started becoming the parent and partner you know you can be. You’ll receive access to a new lesson every day for 8 days.

Training Modules broken down into 3 phrases, over 8-days, in about 10-minutes a day.

Each module walks you through exactly what you need to explore the tools that will help you strengthen your connection with your child and your partner. 

Our triggers often follow a predictable pattern which falls into 3 phases-

Phase 1: We’re not yet triggered but the situation we’re in has the power to lead us there. 

Phase 2: We’re triggered and need to calm ourselves, so we don’t say or do something we’ll later regret. 

Phase 3: We’ve said or done something we wished we hadn’t and need to repair the relationship. 

As a result, I’ve divided this course into 4 modules to help you gain the tools you need to deal with each phase and create a plan to make them stick --

Module 1: Planning Tools

These 2 tools will help you learn why feeling triggered is normal (and actually a good thing). You’ll also access your most powerful ally that will help you avoid being triggered. You’ll use the ‘power of the plan’ to help you minimize or avoid feeling triggered when you find yourself in those situations that usually set you off.

Module 3: Repairing Tools

These 2 tools will help you repair your relationship with your kiddo or your partner when you do overreact. Learn the biggest mistake parents and partners make when trying to repair the relationship and the key steps you can take to avoid making it. You’ll also learn THE #1 mindset shift that will help you engage your kiddo or your partner during those tense moments when everyone wants to shut down.

Module 2: Calming Tools

These 2 tools will help you calm yourself when you are triggered. In this module, you’ll learn a fun way to include your family in your calming process. You’ll also learn a powerful research- supported tool you can use to help your kiddo and your partner calm when they’re triggered.

Module 4: Your Family Trigger Tool Map

These 2 tools will help you calm yourself when you are triggered. In this module, you’ll learn a fun way to include your family in your calming process. You’ll also learn a powerful research- supported tool you can use to help your kiddo and your partner calm when they’re triggered.

Worksheets and Action Steps

Often the most difficult thing about courses is finding a practical way to implement what you’ve learned. Each day you’ll receive access to brief worksheets and ‘no-fluff’ daily experiments that will help you put each tool into action immediately. And the more you implement, the more you’ll remember. Here’s a glimpse into some of the step-by-step worksheets and experiments included.

Lifetime Access to Trainings

The training, worksheets, and experiments will be available to you for the lifetime of the

program in our membership area (including future updates).

Planning – these tools will help you to minimize or avoid being triggered. 

Calming – these tools will help you calm yourself when you are triggered.

Repairing – these tools will help you repair your relationship with your

kiddo when you do overreact.

This is for you if you are a parent or a partner who struggles with
overreactions that lead you to feel guilty, disconnected, overwhelmed,
or just plain clueless on what to do next.

If you’re finally ready to…

… then Trigger Tools Video Course is for YOU!

Sign up NOW for the Founders Price of $37 (Retail Price: $397. Save: $360)

This program starts as soon as you sign up! You get instant access to day 1 and a new lesson each day for 8 days!

Get instant access…

Hi, I am Dr. Lynyetta Willis

I’m someone who personally knows what it feels like to live in stable misery — to live in that place where I have my stuff together in so many areas of life, but feel like I’m slipping and can’t find happiness in the areas that matters most — as a mom and in my marriage. 

I’m also someone who’s learned how to break free from stable misery and live from a deep sense of joy and harmony.

I’m Dr. Lynyetta G. Willis, psychologist and family coach. With over 20 years of experience working with countless clients, I LOVE helping smart, successful women and their families break free from stable misery so they can create the joy and harmony they deeply crave.


I’m someone who’s found the path out of stable misery and knows that part of my soul’s purpose is to help you live from that place of joyful harmony too! So nice to meet you 🙂


Most frequent questions and answers

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I’ve worked with countless families, couples, and parents for over 20 years. I’ve learned that intentional action taking is rewarded. This course will work for you if you’re tired of your triggers or the triggers of your kids or partner, blocking your connection the you’re in the right place.

This will not work for you if you’re waiting for your everyone around you to change so you can be happy. This will not work for you if you’re looking for a quick, effortless fit. If you’re not willing or able to put in the effort – watch the videos, do the experiments – you won’t see the positive impact you seek.

You’ve probably taken courses that give a lot of theory and insights into how their tips and strategies “should” work, only to find yourself overwhelmed with information and disappointment when things don’t go as planned.  TTVC is less like a firehose and more likely a slow drip faucet. Yes, you’ll get the “why” behind each tool, but you’ll also have time to experiment with it and learn which tools work best for you and your family.  TTVC is based upon the idea that though you only have control over yourself, family ____ work best when there are ways to include the entire family. So there are tools you can absolutely use alone and tools you can use with your child or your partner. Lastly, who says, parenting should be boring? Many of these tools are FUN (actually have the word “game” in the title, so you’ll want to try them out). Lastly, in the end, it’s easy to forget what you’ve learned and slide back into old habits. TTVC doesn’t leave you hangin’ you’ll learn how to create a Family Trigger Tools Map so you can take what you learn in this course and turn it into a practice that will help you stay connected with those you care about most.

As soon as you sign up! You’ll get instant access to day 1 of the program. So you don’t feel like you’re drinking from a fire house, a new lesson will be opened each day to you, giving you time to implement what you’ve learned.

If you’re anything like me, you’re busy and your time is more valuable than gold. That’s why I’ve designed this course to fit into as short a timespan as possible (while still getting your results). Each daily video lesson is around 10-minutes in length. Each video walks you through a lesson

and breaks down how to implement the Experiment Action Step for that day. The worksheets can be completed in 5-15 minutes (depending on the day) and most of the experiments are designed to fit into the natural flow of your day. If you’re wiling to invest about 30 minutes a day over the next 8 days, this program will give you powerful and effective tools for dealing with your parenting and partnership triggers.

Since this course is being released at the Founders Price of $37 ($360 savings to you), there are no refunds being offered at this time.