Pre-workshop Parenting Series Lesson 1

4 Responses

  1. Greatest threat to parenting joy: my own emotional regulation or lack thereof, making it hard for me to connect to and understand my children.

  2. The greatest threat to my parenting joy is the intensity of my preschooler’s fire. He takes after me and I often feel like my earth and water is weak, it eventually seems to work (or coincidentally passes in time).

  3. The greatest threat to my parenting joy is my inability to really connect with my super strong-willed one, which makes me feel like we’re constantly butting heads and getting nowhere in our relationship.

  4. Stories I tell myself about my child:
    I’m not enough parent for her.
    She doesn’t understand all that I do; when she throws a tantrum, I feel both angry that she doesn’t appreciate me and a failure that I’m not enough/respond with anger.

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